Susan in Florida just sent me a picture of $33,000 that she got from and now has it stashed in her home safe!


Click Picture To Enlarge

Click Picture To Enlarge

If you’ve never had the pleasure of holding a

wad of 330 crisp $100 bills, then take a look

at the pics above and you can at least catch

a glimpse of what it looks like to stash it all

away in your bedroom safe.

The pics above are from Susan Pancowitz

in Florida. A single mom who was able to

stash away $33,000 from mailing postcards

that point people to my cash gifting program.

This is what I teach people to do.

All my serious members have home safes

and I tell them to always save at least 10%

of what comes through their hands.

As you can see, Susan has $33,000 saved

up that she doesn’t even have to touch and

she was able to save that from a bigger

portion of over $340,000!

Yeah ----------------------------- $340,000!



Susan has been in the program for just

under a year, never had to talk to a soul

and was able to generate more than 10

times the salary from her full time J-O-B.

Susan in her own words:

Hi Q! I know you’re busy and you don’t like really long e-mails, so I’ll try to keep this short. I just wanted to say thanks for my recent tracking numbers and also show you that I’ve been listening and doing EVERYTHING you teach us to do. I attached a picture of the money I saved up ($33,000) and I went to Office Depot and bought me one of those fire proof home safes to put it in, just like you said.

I’ve been keeping track and so far I’ve received a little over $340,000. I honestly still can’t believe it. I kind of thought this would work but I didn’t know it would turn out so well. I feel blessed to be a part of this and every time I read your newsletters, it inspires me further.

I’ve been saving at least 10% of my money just like you said and I’ve paid off a big chunk of my mortgage. I caught up on all my past due bills and I feel more free than I’ve ever been in the longest time! The other day my daughter said “Mommy you’ve seemed so much happier lately ... did you meet a new guy or something?” LOL

So again I just wanted to say thank you. I hope you read this. I sent everyone who ever gifted me a really nice thank you card as well. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! God bless.

Susan Pancowitz

(End testimony)

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Single mom pulls in over $340,000 from mailing postcards!

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