How my Cash Gifting Program produced $30,000 in a week, for a guy in Flint Michigan who only mailed out seven of my postcards!


I know who you are ...

You’ve been searching online, like forever, looking for

that magic bullet to pull in some easy money without

having to do too much work or lay out too much cash.

Am I right?

You’ve probably joined a hundred other programs and

got burned in every single one of them, because they

turned out to require A LOT OF WORK and then your

sponsor probably sucked too.

Am I right?

Your head is turning in a thousand different directions

because everybody claims to have the ONE SECRET

you need to make millions online/from home and you

just don’t know who to trust?

Am I right?

You’re scared as hell to put out anymore money and

possibly take another loss, all in the name of saving

your ass from possibly filing for bankruptcy.

Am I right?

( You can stop nodding your head now )

95% of the people that call me fit the description above

and I talk to a lot of people! ... If you don’t fit the above

description, then you’re special and might not need as

much help from me as everybody else. Either way ...

I’m going to show you how you can stop wasting your

time with all that internet marketing secret crap and

why joining a Cash Gifting Program is your best shot


Why should you join a Cash Gifting Program?

Frankly speaking ...

Cash Gifting skips all the bullshit!

It’s very straight forward.

No products to push on people and it’s a serious

no brainer, which means anybody with an ounce

of common sense can be successful in promoting

a Cash Gifting Program AS LONG AS THERE IS


I mean, I’ve got some people joining my cash gifting

program who are half-assing it all the way through

and still manage to pick up at least an extra $4,000

to $8,000 a month.

The more serious ones are doing like $30,000 to

$60,000 a month. Full-timers are seeing $100,000

or more per month and there’s ...

  1. *NO having to be a smooth talker on the phone.

  1. *NO selling.

  1. *NO Creating products.

  1. *NO stupid 3-way conference calls.

  1. *NO building websites.

  1. *NO learning to use auto-responders.

  1. *NO joint-venture partners to find.

  1. *NO twitter.

  1. *NO YouTube.

  1. *NO blogging.

Do I really need to go on?

My point is that you don’t need all that crap and most

of you are in so much hot water financially that you

don’t have the time it REALLY takes to learn how to

use all that stuff and tie it all in anyway!

I use the K.I.S.S. Method, which is:

Keep It Stupidly Simple.


I got a guy on my team, Allen in Flint Michigan, who

just received $30,000 FROM MAILING ONLY 7 OF


Only (7) Postcards!

In the very beginning of one of my full-page ad lead

campaigns ... he mailed one of my postcards to his

first seven leads and five of them joined within a week.

He received a total of $30,000!

So I ask you ...

Do you think you can skip all that other nonsense, just

stick a stamp on one of my postcards and then drop it

in the mailbox?

Can you let me write and design all the ads for you, so

that you don’t have to do it?

Can you just take my flyers, letters and other material,

stick your Referral ID number on them, so when you

mail them out or place them in a magazine, people will

join under your Referral ID and then cash will be sent to

you by overnight courier?

Since I’ve been doing this for a solid 16 years straight

and I’m The Cash Gifting Expert, will you let me build

all the websites, do all the recorded presentations and

answer all your prospects questions for you?

I’m thinking your answer is yes.


I had a lady join my Cash Gifting Program and asked me

to write and ad for her to be used in an e-mail blast.

I wrote the ad, she only spent $200 bux on the e-mail blast

and in a week’s time she pulled in almost $26,000!

You probably heard her testimony already if you went

through the recordings in my material you downloaded.

But my question is this ...

Do you think YOU can take an ad that I write for you, give

it to an e-mail blast company and then let them send it out

for you, to thousands of people, who are seeking a cash-flow

opportunity like this?

Again ... I’m thinking your answer is yes.

Here’s the bottom line from my 16 years of experience

in promoting a Cash Gifting Program:

I’ve been around the block and failed for almost 4 years

straight, trying all that other stuff BEFORE I GOT RICH


95% of it ... Been there, done that!

I’m NOT saying that there aren’t some really good programs

out there and that Cash Gifting is the ONLY thing that can put

some dough in your pocket, but ...

A Cash Gifting Program is your only shot at seeing a substantial

amount of money - RIGHT NOW - without all the other bullshit

involved in becoming a GURU and making people want to buy

products from you - PERIOD!

In my 16 years of doing this, Cash Gifting is the only thing that

I’ve seen that can take any “joe-blow” off the street and turn

them into a “SOMEBODY” virtually overnight!

I went from being on welfare, sleeping on my mother-in-law’s

living rom floor to pulling in over $80,000 in my first 4 months.


It’s even easier now!

My Cash Gifting Program can send you envelopes and boxes

overnight and when you open them up - there’s CASH INSIDE!

Just take it out, go shopping, pay bills or do whatever.

It’s a no brainer.

NO selling. NO chasing. And NO Guru mind-bending.

Just point people to my system and then shut your mouth.

Let my successful automated system do all the heavy lifting.

BUT WAIT! -------------- SEE THIS

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  1. (618)355-1519


A Cash Gifting Program = MONEY RIGHT NOW!

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