My Cash Gifting Postcard pulled in over $750,000 for my team within the first 6 months I released it!


In the last 17 years that I’ve been doing Cash Gifting,

I’ve launched many, many campaigns.

One of the most successful was and still is my

“Too Damn Easy” brand.

I started with the website and then rolled out branded

marketing material, which first began with a crazy little

cash gifting postcard that I designed.

Besides the postcard pulling in over $750,000 for my

team within 6 short months and then a few million in

just a year and a half ...

My Too Damn Easy postcard was the most ripped off

piece of marketing material in the cash gifting market!

COPYCATS came from all over and tried to swipe the brand

recognition that my stupid little cash gifting postcards built up

over just a short period of time.

My team and I mailed them out in little black invitation envelopes.

Real classy! ...

Of course everybody else copied us, but it was too late.

My “Too Damn Easy” cash gifting postcards had flooded the market

and everybody knew that black cards in black invitation envelopes

meant that “Q, The Cash Gifting Expert” was up to something!

Then I created a second Cash Gifting Postcard ...

My ‘BIG JERK” postcard. Take a look:

How to make money with Cash Gifting Postcards ...

This was another success.

This card was used as a follow up for people who

took too long to join and it worked like gangbusters!

This card in particular brought in several $12,000

days for people on my team and the month that I

pulled in $433,000 ...

This card ran neck-in-neck with my main Too

Damn Easy Cash Gifting Postcard as the tool

that brought in the most enrollments.

The story used on the card was a testimonial that

I got from someone who was a friend of a lady that

I signed up from Georgia.

He called me up and said that he felt like the biggest

jerk for not joining when his friend showed him my

system 4 months earlier and now she’s rubbing her

PAID FOR $70,000 LEXUS in his face!

( It was a funny phone call)

I used the story with his permission and originally

made the card for him only, as a test piece.

He used it and the enrollments poured in!

Then I allowed the rest of my team to use it too.

Oh yeah ...

An here’s the back of my first Too Damn Easy

Cash Gifting Postcard:

All my team had to do was order my cash gifting

postcard card straight from the printer and tell

them their Referral ID number, so that they could

put it on the card.

The 800 number played recordings from me and

pointed prospects to the website, so nobody on

my team ever has to talk to anyone.



All you do is mail postcards.

$6,000 cash or more comes by overnight courier

in a box, every time an enrollment is closed for


Pretty sweet deal, right?

I’ll show you more when you subscribe below.

Latest Testimonial:

Single Mom From Florida Pulls In Over $340,000

Just By Mailing Postcards That Point To My Website!

See Pictures Inside Her Home Safe Here


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