My phone line is burning up with people who are anxious to talk to me, but I only speak to qualified prospects who take this seriously!


I do this full-time and I run a large operation, so as you can imagine, I’m extremely busy. I do actually speak to people personally, but I don’t speak to everybody and I don’t return phone calls just because somebody leave’s a voicemail and says “Q, call me back” ...

If you can answer YES to the following questions, then that means you’re truly ready to join and we should talk ASAP! ...

Qualifying Questions:

  1. 1.Did you review my entire 25-page download, at least (4) times, without skimming, and have you listened to all of the recordings that were listed inside?

  1. 2.Did you listen to my entire “Q-Box”?

  1. 3.Did you choose a membership package?

  1. 4.Do you have all the cash to join at the particular level you’ve chosen?

  1. 5.Can you ship out your cash gift within 24-hours?

If you CAN’T answer yes to ALL of the above questions, then you’re NOT ready to join!

If you CAN answer YES to all of the above, then you need to call me ASAP, so we can schedule an immediate appointment for either I or one of my other Team Leaders to get you signed up!

Talk To Q LIVE: 1.888.289.9621 Ext. 103


If you don’t get me live and you have to leave a voicemail, I will not call you back unless you do the following:

Let me know in your message that you’ve reviewed EVERYTHING, give me your Referral ID number, tell me what membership package you’ve chosen and that you have your cash in hand - ready to get started ASAP!

If you’re a prospect and I don’t hear a message like you see above ...


A lot of people wanna talk to me and my time is reserved for those who take this seriously and can follow instructions! --- This is a test. If you can’t follow these simple instructions, you’ll never make any money here!

Have you decided that you want to join, but are not yet ready, because you’re saving or gathering up the cash and need a few questions answered in the meanwhile?

No problem. E-mail me your questions and I’ll send answers back. If your questions require a private phone conversation, then I will call you. See my e-mail address below, along with my rules on e-mail communication.

Did you already sign up?

If you’re on my team already, congratulations! Do this if you need me:

Call me and if you don’t get me live, leave your name, phone number, Referral ID and a BRIEF description of what you need. I’ll get back to you within 24-hours. If I don’t get you live, I’ll leave answers on your voicemail and/or e-mail you with answers.

Do you need to e-mail me?

Read this carefully before you e-mail me ...

I get tons of e-mail everyday and I don’t respond to everything. I get questions ... testimonials ... hate mail ... spam ... joint venture pitches and even flirtatious women who send me provocative pictures, but anyway ...




  1. 1.You e-mail me with a question that’s already answered in my websites, newsletters, Q-Boxes, e-book downloads, etc. .... (I hate repeating myself. This is a time waster)

  1. 2.You write me a novel with a hundred questions in it.

(If you have that much to say, you need to call me instead. I can give you answers faster.)

  1. 3.You spam me. (This is obvious.)

  1. 4.You try to pitch me a side deal. (Not interested.)

  1. 5.You send me an e-mail with a blank subject. (I hit delete.)


  1. 1.Short, important e-mails from team-mates.

  1. 2.Short, intelligent e-mails from prospects.

  1. 3.Short questions NOT already answered in any of my material.

  1. 4.Thank you testimonials.

  1. 5.Marriage proposals. (I’ll turn you down though. I’m taken.)

Thank you for respecting my time and I look forward to helping all of you who truly take this seriously and are looking to expand your minds and your bank accounts!

- Q, The Cash Gifting Expert

Are you qualified to get me on the phone? ... Let’s see ...

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