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From Q, The Cash Gifting Expert ...

I can help you recover from the recession, but first you have to get informed. I already know you have a bunch of questions about how all this works, and that’s exactly why I set up an automated system to walk you through it 24-hours a day! Then after you join my team, you can start using it as well, so you won’t have to explain anything to YOUR prospects. The average person on my team pulls in $24,000 + a month and never has to speak to a soul - PERIOD!

The above downloads will explain EVERYTHING! You should download this stuff using a high-speed internet connection because one of the files is pretty big. You should also bookmark this page in case you need to come back and re-download anything.


There are other people out there doing Cash Gifting who try to use my name and/or my content in hopes of fooling you into thinking that they work with me, so be careful! DON’T BE TRICKED BY COPYCATS! ONLY TRUST INFORMATION THAT COMES FROM ONE OF MY OFFICIAL DOMAINS BELOW:                          


All my Official Affiliates have a Referral ID number that can be verified through my office and all their advertising points to one of my official domains above. If you happen to speak with any of them on the phone for whatever reason, they should always point you to one of my Official Team Leaders to get your questions answered, verify that they’re in good standing and to walk you through our membership application. If someone tells you not to call me to verify that they’re legit, then you know that they’re lying to you!

Step 3: Contacting me for sign up...

I do this full-time and I run a large operation, so as you can imagine, I’m extremely busy. I do actually speak to people personally, but I don’t speak to everybody and I don’t return phone calls just because somebody leave’s a voicemail and says “Q, call me back” ...

If you’re NOT on my team yet, you need to take care of a few things BEFORE we talk:

  1. 1.Review my 25-page download above. Don’t skim. READ ALL OF IT!

  1. 2.Listen to my “Q-Box” ... ALL OF IT!

By the time you complete the above list, you should already have a YES or NO in your head, as to whether or not you wanna move on this thing. MY AUTOMATED SYSTEM IS EXTREMELY THOROUGH! It will answer 99% of your questions.

Now after going through everything, if you happen to have a question or two, or maybe you just wanna get started - Click Here for sign up instructions and my direct telephone number

Find out who’s recovering from the recession.

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Single Mom From Florida Pulls In Over $340,000 - Just

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22-year old receives $18,000 in one day!

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She pays off a $30,000 credit card balance in 5 days!

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School teacher deposits almost $40,000 in cash!

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$12,000 day saves husband and pregnant wife from eviction!

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$18,000 day from one mailing and from one enrollment!

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Cynthia receives half her yearly salary in one day!

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Martin has a $18,000 day and shockingly reveals that he’s a Virgin!

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Janet Receives $48,000 over 4 days - $12,000 four days in a row!

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Even more testimonials posted here ... ( Soon maybe we’ll be posting yours! )

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Step 1:

Read this. It’s 25-pages and it details the entire system. It will show you EXACTLY how the cash rolls in and it will answer 99% of your questions, including price of entry levels, etc.

Step 2:

Download this. It’s a menu to my famous “Q-Box”. Listen to it. I put about 50 recordings in there for you and their free, so even if you decide not to join, you’ll still learn a lot.